Stage is a Cinema 4D plugin and provides a toolkit to organize and control a large number of light fixtures. Useage of presets for all functions of lights gives a fast way to generate different looks. Create your own library of fixtures and connect them to presets.

The design process with the Stage Plugin give us tools to focus on the creative idea.
Try ideas without waste time and find the best solution in a full 3D environment.

Thomas GerdonCEO - GERDON design

The Stage plugin for C4D was instrumental in providing quick real world lighting scenarios that were able to be rendered directly into the final deliverable. This workflow allowed the sharing of a common language from the show world to the design world as client requests for atmospheric effects and ballyhoos were easily accommodated.

CJ DavisCreative Director Quince Imaging, Inc.

We already started last year using Stage Plugin. In the meantime we got measurable advantages not only by using this tool but by the successful cooperation with it’s developers too. A better economy in time as well as an increase in quality in the Renderings and the resulting Visualisation shows a significant rise. Stage offers us the chance not only to control and preset all lighting parameters offered by Cinema 4D but to store whole looks too.

Rando LorenzLighting Director – GERDON design
Stage Storage

give you the right spot to storage all your items and quick insert that in the projects. Replace objects with a click and update fixtures in your scene. even save hole container or presets to have them right with a click.

Online Storage

direct access inside the plugin to over thousand truss, stage elements, fixtures, …

Stage Fixtures

Get Control over Fixtures

Lens Object for round or rectangle clipping Lights
Trackball,  Fan in the Editor
colored Targetline, BeamShape
Stage Container

structure large numbers of fixtures

Arrange in line, circle, grid, on Spline
every parameter can take presets and effects*
Timeline with fade*
parametric Cues*

*functions are part of Pro Version


new in Stage 2 Pro

Cues & Timeline



Stage Features


Editor Tool



Exchange to Vectorworks

Vectorworks Plugin

Stage -> Vectorworks

Vectorworks -> Stage


plan you projectors direct in Cinema 4D. Control Lenssift, Panelsize to get a direct impression of your projection. Get the calculation of the fitting Lenssize based of 3D Objects with a click.

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