Electric Daisy Carnival – Las Vegas

Circuit Grounds Stage

Circuit Grounds is one of the largest stages SJ Lighting designs during the year. It consisted of over 3,000 fixtures controlled through 80 universes. The entire stage area covered approximately 153,000 square feet to accommodate the 150,000 attendees that experienced the festival each day. SJ Lighting principal, Stephen Lieberman created the concept of having three large sections that surrounded the audience to produce an engulfed experience during every set. To build this massive structure the load in process took 4 weeks long.

With so many fixtures in the design, 510 which were moving heads, the Stage plugin immensely contributed to saving time when creating big look renderings. The ability to easily adjust parameters within groups takes full advantage of each fixture within the conceptual lighting rig. Stage makes it easy to switch gobos, positions, intensities as well as anything else a real fixture can do. With this plugin we were able to visually expose our concept very clearly to the client.

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